mandag 23. januar 2012

My City by night.




Mosjoen located at Helgeland - and exactly in the middle of Norway. Mosjøen has 10 000 inhabitants and is the center of Vefsn municipality. Mosjøen is a traditional trading centerwith a wide range of shops. Free parking across the city (some places limited), and at least twenty eateries make extra nice city stroll. And it's easy to get to and from Mosjoen, either through E6, RV78, train, plane or boat.



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Besides trade and service is the industry that dominates the industry. Alcoa Aluminium has for years produced the metal world, everything is for export. The new large factory Mosjoenanode is a subcontractor to several aluminum plants. ISS industry is well established inindustrial maintenance and engineering. And a number of other specialty companies are working with maintenance to the oil industry. In addition, agriculture and forestry majorindustries in the municipality. Good transport links and central location in Helgeland are important factors for new businesses. Moreover Mosjoen a well-developed services in health and education, including their own hospitals.

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  1. WOW what a beautiful city you live in!

    Which city is this?
    I'd love to visit one day!

  2. Et veldig vakkert sted og noen veldig vakre bilder. Flott fotoarbeid, Heidi.

  3. Tusen takk. Jeg driver fortsatt å forsker på kameraet mitt. Av ganske mange bilder ble disse noenlunde presentabel ;)