søndag 22. januar 2012

Winter sun


First, welcome to my new followers. Because of different nationalities, I will henceforth write in English. I use Google translator to make it easy for myself, so if something is written strangely. Blame it on Google Smilefjes som blunker


In northern Norway we have to wait for the sun from December and until the beginning ofJanuary. When it finally comes, it is low in the sky. The sun does not give as much heat yet,but it is welcome. The most fascinating of the winter sun is the light it gives. This in turn leads to beautiful pictures. Have fun in the winter world.




IMG_5355 (427x640)


IMG_5356 (427x640)



IMG_5359 (427x640)

The last picture is of two memorials to commemorate the heroes who fell during World War II.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Fine bilder! Jeg kjenner deg igjen på...hunden. Ha en fin, ny vinteruke.

  2. Beautiful winter photos.

    Thank you for sharing!